Useful Links

Useful resources from the UUA about transitioning back to in-person gatherings:


Looking for links to other organizations and resources? Here are a few that may help:

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)

The Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) – the professional organization for religious educators.

The UU Ministers Association (UUMA) – the professional organization for UU ministers.

The Association for UU Music Ministries – the professional organization for UU musicians

UUA Trauma Ministry Team  – if your congregation has experience trauma, please contact your regional staff first, the trauma ministry team will expect this

UUA Office of Church Staff Finances – information on benefits, salaries, tax rules and more.

UUA Office of Fundraising and Stewardship Development – information on money in congregations.

UUA Leader Lab – a new resource that provides resources on every topic related to congregational life. Includes a searchable database of recordings of old webinars and workshops, blog posts, articles, videos and more. How to be a board training is also included.

Regional Websites (see the map to determine your region if you don’t know)