Listserv Guidelines

Listserv Guidelines
AUUA members who participate in the “Church-Admin-UU” listserv, agree to the following guidelines.
Review the listserv archives before posting to see if your question has been answered before.
Do not use the listserv to complain about or criticize your congregation, its minister(s) or staff. Seek a trusted colleague or contact an AUUA Board member to privately share your concerns if you need to vent.
Include your name, congregation name and size in your post.
Please remember to unsubscribe before setting an ‘away’ auto-reply on your email account!
When you are thinking about posting a question or comment to the listserv, please ask yourself these questions before posting:
  • Is my posting likely to be relevant or of interest to other UU administrators?
  • If you’d like to say “me too” or something of the sort please change the email address to just the relevant recipients.
  • If your answer is relevant to just the person who originally posted the message, please change the email address to respond to the individual.
  • Have I reviewed the AUUA listserv archives to see if my question has been answered in the last year? You’ll find the link to the archives ( at the bottom of every email on the list; you’ll receive your password every month via an update from the UUA.
  • What information/input am I looking for? If you’re looking for the advice of an expert or valid survey data, you will likely be best served by contacting an individual expert, consulting the UUA and/or the AUUA website, Richard Hammer, NACBA or using an Internet search engine like
  • If you’re just interested in hearing what a few other UU congregations are doing, the listserv is a good option. Responses from congregations of similar size and geographic location are likely to be the most relevant to your situation.
  • Does my question or comment reflect a commitment to professionalism and UU values?
  • Speaking negatively about your congregation, its lay leadership or minister, or anyone else, for that matter, is almost never appropriate in a public listserv.
  • Would I want my question or comment to be read by anyone in my congregation, by my supervisor or by the minister at my congregation? If the answer is no, don’t post it. If you would like to get confidential advice about a difficult situation that reflects poorly on your congregation, etc., please contact an AUUA board member for advice and/or to get the question posted anonymously.

If you have decided to post after asking these questions, keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure the message has a clear subject line.
  • Include your geographic location, annual budget (if you know it), and membership numbers in your post.
  • If replying to a string of posts, delete all but the most relevant information from the bottom of the email.
  • If replying to a “Daily Digest,” insert a new subject identifying what you’re responding to.
  • Review the posts in the thread to be sure what you’re posting isn’t redundant.
Bookkeeping or technical questions about AUUA membership, the website or certification modules should be directed to the AUUA Board at
Responses to an individual should be sent to that person individually, not to the listserv.